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Design & Implementation

Design, Installation, Integration and Acceptance

DTCon helps you to build new networks from scratch or evolve from your existing one to the next level of technology and services.

We do this by supplying highly qualified experienced industry specialists aligned with your specific multi-vendor / muliti-product requirements on a project basis. This gives you a safe and efficient way of building and evolving network equipment, management systems and applications.

Be it an interconnected local IP network with Windows/Linux server technology in your offices, be it a network of wireless accesspoints for high mobility data access, the implementation of new technologies like WiMAX last mile WLL access solutions, the rollout of WCDMA/CDMA2000 3G mobility networks like or the integration of highest speed SDH/DWDM transmission networks...there is no limit.

We can help you with the right experts with the right knowledge at the right place just when you need them at an excellent value for money. Impossible? Get in touch with us!

Network Upgrades and Extensions

You experience slow network access, your applications behave sluggish and your customers call your helpdesk more regulary? Is your network ripe for retirement? Capacity is becoming more and more a bottleneck? Well, no problem with the right partner.

DTCon experts will analyse your infrastructure, services and applications and recommend the most efficient solution to bring you up to speed again.

A detailed upgrade path will ensure a seamless transition to a new generation network with the best-fit applications available for you to supply the quality of services your internal and external customers expect.

Certified experts will then take the next step to upgrade and extend your existing network based on the assessment and economically integrate the existing and new systems in your infrastructure environment.

For further information and details closely related to your needs please get in touch with our team.